Galaktika Available April 20th, 2010
on Other Electricities

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Moscow-based Gultskra Artikler (Alexey Devyanin) can’t be easily categorized. He’s explored multiple styles and approaches, with consistently unpredictable output. His concepts on releases for labels such as Hyperboloid, Lampse, Miasmah and Other Electricities comprise a wealth of concept, intent, and overall exploration. Building on versatile collections of folktronica, field recordings, drone, glitch and avant-garde, he returns with Galaktika.

An album of haunting, desolate beauty, Galaktika is an aimless drift through endless space. Spectral chants and roving pulses emerge from blackness, harboring the brink of eternity and the cold touch of death. Its dark, mesmeric and hypnotic story unfolds with each listen.

Galaktika is out April 20th, 2010 Other Electricities and will be available digitally and on limited edition, colored vinyl.

Praise for Gultskra Artikler:

“Shrugging off nearly all the templates of instrumental experimentation, Devyanin immerses the listener in a bizarre, generally lucid but deeply private world.” –Angry Ape

“Devyanin has truly developed his windswept sound stories over years of careful experimentation and fine-tuning.” –
Forced Exposure

“…there are still visionary minds out there producing music…” -

Also available from Other Electricities:
Gultkra Artikler/Lanterns Split LP


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