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Small Sails

Small Sails
Portland, Oregon

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“Irresistibly inviting and impossible to frown through, Similar Anniversaries is ten audio snapshots of what joy, dreams, and constant compassion sound like.” -Impose

“Similar Anniversaries is a definite grower, revealing what originally sounds like a good but unremarkable album as a nuanced collection of songs that can recall memory and emotions with stunning ease.” -30 Music (CA)

Ethan Rose - Guitars, Keys, Vocals Adam Porterfield - Guitars, Keys, Vibes Gary Jimmerson - Drums, Vibes Ryan Jeffery - 16mm Film Projectors Small Sails is a music and film making collective from Portland, Oregon. The music is a gorgeous post-electronic tribal thing and the films are performed live at their shows using original reel-to-reel footage and dual projectors. A field of dandelions plowed over, inner-city kids jumping double-dutch in gritty streets, birds and waterfalls, playground vocals, clicky electronics and warm, spacey melodies - that's what Small Sails looks and sounds like. Small Sails have toured extensively, performing almost 100 shows in 2006. To experience Small Sails' live show is to become immersed in a seemingly unparalleled rhythm and energy. The visual and sonic interplay are hypnotic and their on-stage chemistry and fluidity are nothing short of warm and inviting. Through their unique, multi-faceted coaxing of the senses, they create an environment that commands undivided attention and adoration.

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