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João Orecchia Presents Alihlekwa
João Orecchia
Cassette / Digital

Alihlekwa: Original Music, Remixes & Outtakes from the Motion Picture Inxeba by John Trengove

One of the things João Orecchia loves about composing music is that anything is possible. You start somewhere and end somewhere but the pathways forward are infinite and infinitely variable. Composing music for films is special - an entire world has been created - worlds within worlds, in fact. Characters, relationships, cultural associations, conversation. Each frame offers a new place to start, and each next frame offers a new place to go, an endless space waiting to be filled.

The music presented here is inspired by the film Inxeba (The Wound) by John Trengove in its various stages. Some of it found its way into the film, some of it didn’t and some of it took on its own life only after the film was released and seen.

In some way, the music housed here under the title Alihlekwa is the result of a long journey that started, as do so many things in Johannesburg, in the club. A conversation with John Trengove, eventually led to Orecchia working on his short film, The Goat, an early version of the script that would become Inxeba.

After the release of the feature film Orecchia was contacted by Rouge, who had seen the film in New York and was interested in one of the tracks in the film. She put some vocals down and he really fell in love with the track at that point.

Featured here are also remixes by RMBO, a Johannesburg based DJ, producer and drummer in the bands BLK JKS and Motèl Mari, as well as a remix by Motèl Mari featuring vocalist Naty Kaly from Antananarivo, Madagascar.

Bracketing these tracks are short pieces from the film and the cassette’s B-side, “Inxeba Lendoda” is a look at motifs and textures made for the film, though ultimately not used, stitched together with new sparks and offshoots.

Released 27th July, 2018. Please visit Bandcamp to purchase Alihlekwa.


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