Givan Lötz
Cassette / Digital

Unveil/En veil.

Givan Lötz' YaW – the telling and untelling companion work to preceding album MAW – is a collection of instrumental vignettes that voices Lötz' inborn curiosity and play. The 24 sketches toy with and investigate style and stylization – stroking genre, sipping weird foliage, circumnavigating ley lines.

Imbibing the scents and scapes offered by established forms, YaW refrains from submitting to given biomes: One track is a found, alien instrument – part piano interior, part mystery string – morosely stumbling along, shedding gilden ambience, while another is set in some abandoned forest/attic, curtsying to skeletal strings punctuated by hoodoo-grin percussion and italicized shadow..

Most of YaW's songlets skirt identifiable category, titillate with amorous hints before ebbing from structure and re-assembling elseward. Deliciously, YaW also serves to expand the brief, controlled perspectives of MAW's implicit world/s, unveiling the grids not described in the latter's 10 song map-work – those non regions traditionally demarcated by the legend 'dragons roam here.' As with philiac map-explorers of old, hungry listeners will know that 'dragons' are short-hand for hidden wonder.

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Givan Lötz
Givan Lötz
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