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Transatlantic Consultant / Romantic Impulse
Treasure Teeth
Cassette / Digital

Soft, glittery arpeggiations float quick beyond your head, at first bright then satisfyingly rounded, as your elevator climbs smoothly and swiftly up to your luxury living quarters.

Treasure Teeth has written Transatlantic Consultant/Romantic Impulse—a ten song double EP—as a musical accompaniment for the speculative domicile and its networked alienation. They are sad, remorse-filled tales of millennial stress, though providing the occasional club-inflected antidote.  

Barbara Elting’s voice breaks in imploringly, a balm for the days’ redundancies, “Suitcase in hand/tumble down here/open your case/call to worship.” Her and James Mckillop have composed songs of unrequited labor, part of a musical and relational dialogue started in 2010 after they met in Delray Beach, Florida. Their sonic bond was formed in London, then New York, and now in Miami—a geographic scope that is palpable in their music.

Made with a mix of hardware and software, the release explores the crossing global winds of sonic aesthetics: the contemplative garage of those such as Burial, the dub production styles emanating from a Caribbean intelligence such as Lee Scratch Perry, songwriting indebted to Prince, Roxy Music, D’Angelo.

Cerebral as it is heartfelt, undulating between mood-setting pieces and danceable jams, Transatlantic Consultant/Romantic Impulse is an electronic album signifying late, late, late capitalism, made for equally late nights and their parallel euphorias and rueful contemplations.



"These guys are just way ahead of the times. Or somehow existing outside of time… Non-traditional and pushing boundaries (to say the least), Treasure Teeth are truly something else." -Independent Music News