Gultskra Artikler
LP / MP3 (320kbps) / FLAC

An album of haunting, desolate beauty, Galaktika is an aimless drift through endless space. Spectral chants and roving pulses emerge from blackness, harboring the brink of eternity and the cold touch of death. Its dark, mesmeric and hypnotic story unfolds with each listen.

01. Galaktika
02. Solnce
03. Nanorobot
04. Saturn
05. Luna
06. Sputnik
07. Asteroid
08. Niti
09. Angel

LP issued on yellow vinyl.

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“A miasmic mish-mash of otherworldly electronica it ranges free form through a whole gamut of seductive sound.” -Brainwashed

“Pull out this disc when you are looking for that perfect, elusive ‘science-fiction video game taking place on deserted moon colony’ soundtrack” -Tiny Mix Tapes


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