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Brotherly is a monstrous album, sonically rich and stylistically diverse, teetering on a trembling foundation of glass, flame, and stormwater; thematically, it charts the slow dissipation of faith and hope in an increasingly dissolute world. We shudder at the thought that those closest to our heart are the very people most capable of damaging it; as Freddy sings in "Quarry," "...and the wolves set out upon me, in a way most brotherly." But, set deep in these shadows cast on vacant walls, there is hope. When the light outside is lacking, we ignite our own fires and carry on, pushing, straining, punching through the dark, into the limitless galore.

01. Change
02. Quarry
03. Guillotine
04. Chaff
05. All Right
06. Dirt
07. Eyes
08. When I Die
09. Shadow
10. Lesser

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“Brotherly is a surprisingly rewarding album, and for a band this young, it’s exciting to think what they might try next.” -Delusions Of Adequacy


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