All Are Welcome
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Each element of All Are Welcome was recorded in one take. Each musician was assigned a time to show up, had the option of listening to the tracks that founding members Mjolsness and Krohn produced the first day, and recorded. Jeremy Lemos (White/Light) lent his expertise in the recording and mixing process, but, aside from cutting incidentals, the songs remained the same. All Are Welcome is the product of two reference points coalescing at an unknown synthesis. They wanted to create a forum for ideas to meet open interpretation; tones that meet texture, voices that meet structure, knocks and whirls that color a laid-back, anxious roll-call. The act of creating this piece was the purpose; the hope is that the ensuing product may provide others a conduit to some other place or feel.

All Are Welcome players: Jonathan Krohn – key; Benjamin Mjolsness - guitar; Jason Adasiewicz (Exploding Star Orchestra) - vibraphone; Josh Berman (Exploding Star Orchestra) - cornet; Steven Hess (Lociran, Pan American, Haptic) – percussion; Todd Mattei (Joan of Arc) - guitar; Mike Reed (Exploding Star Orchestra) - percussion; and Hometapes recording artist Nick Butcher - tape. Recorded by Jeremy Lemos and mastered by Bob Weston.

01. Wrangler For Higher
02. I'll Be Standing Soon
03. Dark Advances
04. Used To Be A Guy

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“despite the fact that the album is essentially a canvas of white noise, otherworldly drones, and astral dissonances, it achieves a remarkable sense of poignancy that holds things taut...” -Delusions of Adequacy

“All Are Welcome is a welcoming cluster of avant-jazz and improvisational rock on the verge of existence, like a fuzzy memory of a childhood Xmas morning where your parents stayed up all eve long drinking and smoking opium.” -PopMatters


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