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HØNS! is Dokkemand's debut full-length on Other Electricities, featuring contributions by Kate Havnevik, legendary Cranes vocalist Alison Shaw, Laura Becerra (Carrie), Sarah Hellström (Lost Room), and Lars Wiik. Throughout, Marius utilizes his unique palette in varying configurations, creating rhythmic landscapes amply dappled with vocal-characters. Rounded out by manipulated samples – the commonplace rendered ethereal, this collection stretches perceptions and expectations alongside tones and timbres.

01. Kanaria
02. Lapp ft. Lars Wiik
03. Undulat ft. Alison Shaw
04. Knapp ft Lars Wiik
05. Eike
06. Klokka Er 76 ft Lost Room
07. Lupe ft Kate Havnevik
08. Hest
09. Stempel
10. Lumpa
11. Telefom ft Carrie
12. Slapp

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“rainbow-coloured electro-pop panorama.” -Textura (CA)

“listen for sounds from a swamp full of robot frogs and other gurgling reptiles, video game-styled bleeps and beats and a rare warmth that hugs the whole album.” -Chart (CA)


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