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Tomavistas: 2002-2007
Dot Tape Dot
CD / Digital

Tomavistas: Selected Rarities 2002 -2007 is culled from different places, consisting of material released by Dot Tape Dot through non-standard labels: cd-r labels, netlabels and those making private compilations. Tomavistas is born of a love of the domestic flavor of the electronic underground and the pleasure derived spending time making music for this scene. Considering the difficulty for listeners to find these tracks, it became time to compile them along with other, little known pieces and clear out space for a new personal stockpile to be built.

CD out of print, digital still available.

Please visit Bandcamp to stream/purchase Tomavistas.


“this is an utterly charming collection of off-kilter pop ditties, the spirit of experimentation always lurking” -Terrascope (UK)

“If you can imagine The Postal Service and Christopher Willits making music together, you're in the ballpark of what Tomasvistas sounds like.” -XLR8R

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