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Fusing Stripped-down folk, (free-)jazz, twisted pop, electroacoustic sound, maximized- minimalism, electronics, eerie chamber music and a portion of sedative post-post-rock, Wolfhour plays with postmodern expectations as much as possible while avoiding pretentious, highbrow implications. There's at least as much ear-friendly repetition as there is stunning fragmentation. Daniel Vujanic's (aka Baja) compositions range from psychedelic piano ambience to sunny uptemp-pop, from electronic jazz fusion to cryptic sample ruins. Leitmotifs appear, evolve and fall apart into transcribed bits of data nebula. Beginnings sound like ends and vice versa... sounds teleport.

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“Baja, like his other compatriots on the up-and-coming Other Electricities label, operates under the maxim that modern digital music is simply an aural Cuisinart, capable of blending anything and everything into anything and everything, reshaping genre into whatever is physically possible.“ -Squid’s Ear

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