Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love
Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love
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Through their earnest, stripped-down approach to song writing, Low Low taps into your head and heart with their debut album before you've even noticed; and by then it's too late to turn back (not that you'd want to anyway). The vulnerability and undeniable necessity of love, loss, heartache and hopefulness abounds in each affected lyric, and is further evoked by every subtle bend and pull.

01. Only Let Things Be
02. Flickering and Fading
03. Apart
04. The Cars and the Storm
05. Rest Your Arms
06. Roadkill Moon
07. Lost and You
08. One Good Thing I Say
09. Venus in the Evening I Have Disappeared Again
10. A Long Retreat
11. One Piece

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“Recorded lo-fi style – in a bedroom apparently – this affecting release combines breathless harmonies and fragile tunes to achieve a strange warmth. Also makes Belle & Sebastian sound like Motorhead.” -The Crack (UK)

“Rooted firmly in the world of low/no-fi folk, this is a charming record that recalls the same juxtaposition of fragility and strength of character that suffused the early Elliott Smith albums.” -Tangents (UK)


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