Ends of June
Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love
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Ends of June is Low Low's second outing and first U.S. release, boasting twelve new, intimate tracks saturated in the same undeniable warmth and familiarity offered on their debut. Here, the music's immediacy and accessibility falls to wane even slightly, building upon the solid groundwork laid in the first album. Despite some line-up alterations, no element of overall sound is compromised as new paths are traversed with regards to instrumentation and arrangement. Self-recorded and produced in their bedroom studio, Ends of June showcases Low Low's progressive and deft grasp on songwriting. From the pensive yet infectious "The Way You Play" to the fluid lullaby "Happiness at the New Day". It's near-impossible to deny the resultant intrigue of each composition and of the record as a whole. These songs beckon to be taken in again and again.

01. The Way You Play
02. Mayfly
03. The Messy One
04. Iron in the Soul
05. Black Black Window
06. Believer
07. Goodnight Louisa
08. Ends of June
09. Happiness at the New Day
10. Turn for the Day
11. Fear of a Wide Open Life
12. My Ears Are for Listening

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CD out of print, digital still available.


“Ends of June is a genuinely terrific album, a collection of 12 heartfelt, largely acoustic, quiet bedroom pop songs that does in fact sound kinda like a cross between Low, the La's and Love, although to be fully descriptive, their name would also have to mention Belle & Sebastian, Neutral Milk Hotel and Sebadoh.” -All Music Guide

“You can only hope that a record like this escapes the confines of it’s simple birth and reaches the multitudes that it deserves. This is an album that’s in equal measures simple, refined and yet striving to be something much, much more.” -The Line Of Best Fit (UK)


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