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Influenced by an expansive range of artists, genres and styles, Alan Grosvenor and Scott Worley of Jatun learned to interpret and appreciate sound from a broad perspective. Such open ears have facilitated an understanding of sonic interplay, and acute attention to arrangement and detail. Armed to the teeth with an arsenal of quality, vintage gear and a penchant for capturing the resultant noises, they craft music thoroughly and thoughtfully. Lush, enveloping and hyper-textured, Jatun’s songs blanket themselves around your ears and saturate your head with warm and intoxicating, Orange-tinged tones.

01. Ghost and Grey
02. Ghost and Grey 2
03. Ion Crush (remix)
04. Zombie Hotel
05. Bee Bee
06. Voila and the Case
07. Weakness
08. Young Crooks
09. Fashion Whore
10. George
11. Enigma
12. Move It Or Lose It
13. The Temptation of Joy

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“Other Electricities delivers once again! Take all the good things you like about M83, add some Album Leaf, throw in some delicate vocals, record it and play it back through Soundwave (Transformer's reference guys) and you have Jatun.” -Insound

“‘Ghost and Grey,’ is one of the best songs of the year with its sweet shoegazing ambience, electronic beats, synths, and catchy vocals. The rest of the album is pretty much in the same vein. So if you’d like to hear a 65daysofstatic/Hammock hybrid with My Bloody Valentine-esque vocals, then check out Jatun.” -Decoy


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