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Fsik Huvnx
Cassette / Digital

Sarmoung is the debut release from Miami, Florida's Fsik Huvnx. Mastered by Edward Adames at 3DVHS Studios, this thickset, richly textured statement is comprised of two side-length suites nearing thirty minutes each and divided into four separate movements. 

The music is deceptively simple. Upon initial impact, it could be described employing conservative signifiers like "drone," "ambient," and "ethereal." But upon relinquishing signification altogether, and allowing the sonic stimulus at hand to bloom and tear itself down again in glacially slow cycles of birth and death, trance-like epiphanies are revealed like glowing marble statues unsheathing themselves from velvet casing. 

In fact, Sarmoung as a whole could be understood as a revelation. Even its composer, Fsik Huvnx's David Brieske, describes the compositional process as though he were struck by a thunderbolt of electric epiphany while on a consciousness-exploring quest conducted through the medium of sound. 

Constructed over the course of 2012, Brieske utilized the proverbial kitchen-sink approach, employing a dynamic arsenal of techniques and divinations. Found recordings, field recordings, bowed guitar, synthesizer, turntable, toy harp and astral inference were all employed in the forging of these seemingly solid blocks of sound that gradually display the myriad intricate nodules that bound together to form a whole.  

Sarmoung is like a maze or a puzzle. It is the soundtrack to discovery that leads to even more mystery.

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"A massive, piercing, blinding body of sound. Everything that matters all at once." -Guide Me Little Tape