web tasarım OE034 | Other Electricities -- Sounds and the Like, est. 2006


Giulio Aldinucci
Cassette / Digital

Giulio Aldinucci’s first cassette work (and first release on Other Electricities) is Archipelago – a chain made of different project-specific compositions. Here, Aldinucci demonstrates four approaches to electroacoustic composition and acoustic material treatment. For “Aria,” sounds were sourced from the hills of Italy's Val D’Orcia region and an old pipe organ. “Satellite’s” celestial undulations are treated with ring modded chimes. “Short Circuit” treks the woods of Siena alongside a heavily processed Mellotron. "R'n'R Through Broken Headphones" is based on textured synthesizer layers and field recordings taken directly from the window of Aldinucci’s studio, further distorted by analog equipment. As a whole, the use of various instruments and sound sources results in a heterogeneous scenery; continental fragments where sounds flow gently and melt in the air in a constant mutation of musical imagery.

Recorded/mixed by Giulio Aldinucci
Mastered by Ian Hawgood
Artwork designed by Aaron James Powers

Limited-edition cassette with hand-printed artwork and download code.

Please visit Bandcamp to stream/purchase Archipelago.


"Aldinucci’s diversity is also his strength; by mixing different techniques and flavors, the artist creates an ongoing sense of intrigue." -A Closer Listen

"Massive, richly detailed melodic movements that paint a gentle visual for the ears. A piece of art that seems as concerned with what your mind might see, as what your ears will hear." -Guide Me Little Tape

"A lustrous release that will please those looking to get replay bang for their buck." -Fluid Radio