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Do While, If Else
Bacanal Intruder
Cassette / Digital

Asturias, ES-based Luis Solís has composed behind the Bacanal Intruder alias since 2003, slowly and carefully crafting his personal world of sounds. Do While, If Else is the first Bacanal Intruder release with Other Electricities. These eleven tracks, his third album, are the perfect measure of his world. Blending organic and electronic elements with acoustic instruments and digital processing he synthesizes a wide musical universe (folk, post-pop, electronic, ambient, toy-pop...) that goes from the saddest melody to an uncontrollable euphoria - from lively, glitchy, upbeat rhythms to calm, dreamy landscapes.

Do While, If Else was all played (guitars, violin, keyboards, bongos, flutes, maracas, ukulele, cavaquinho, glockens, xylo, double bass, singin’ voice), programmed (trumpets, tuba, horns, clarinet, marimba, beats) and mixed by Luis. It was mastered by Conrad Magabo, and is available in cassette + download or straight digital format, with artwork designed and hand-printed by Aaron James Powers.

Please visit Bandcamp to stream/purchase Do While, If Else.


"a bold mix of folk, "toy-pop", and ambient rock." -Newdust

"these are beautifully and meticulously composed songs, and they form a unique patchwork here." -Foxy Digitalis

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