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The Ostrich or The Lark
Tallest Trees
CD / Digital

Tallest Trees is the Nashville-based duo of Thomas “Trees” Samuel and Dabney “Voice” Morris. Their debut album, The Ostrich or the Lark, is a record of simple secrets conveyed through intentionally misplaced instruments, clashing harmonies, multidimensional arrangements and elements out of character, playing atypical melodic/rhythmic roles. But all the while, a firm root in pop-arrangement is maintained. It’s kind of like “listening” to your little brother's coloring book -- lots of colors, most of them outside the lines, and the occasional slightly demented editing to the characters, but, for some reason, all the dogs and birds look normal. Through its unique musical and lyrical layout, The Ostrich or the Lark tells stories of [re]construction and [re]vision, painting an image of the struggle encountered while pushing artistic limits and working to bridge a gap between the experimental and accessible.

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“Tallest Trees offer endearingly loopy art-pop brimming with effortless charm.” -NME (UK)

“Psychedelic pop might have many contributors in this day and age, but Tallest Trees definitely capture the sincere spirit of it.” -Redefine