German for Shark
LP / Digital

German for Shark was to trust each musician to add and subtract, interact with the sound, and practice restraint. These are predominantly improvised sessions committed to record, with limited manipulation of what would become the final songs/tracks.  Each contribution is 'of the moment' — a creation of sound that really can never truly be replicated within a live setting—and that’s the point. 

German for Shark:
Jonathan Krohn – piano/electronics; Benjamin Mjolsness - guitar; Jason Adasiewicz (Exploding Star Orchestra) - vibraphone; Josh Berman (Exploding Star Orchestra) - cornet; Steven Hess (Pan American/Haptic/Fessenden) – percussion; Todd Mattei (Joan of Arc) - guitar; Mike Reed (Exploding Star Orchestra) - percussion; Hometapes recording artist Nick Butcher – tape; and Dave Rempis (Vandermark 5) – saxophone.

LP issued on grey vinyl and comes bundled with a free 320 kbps MP3 version, double sided poster on newsprint and a 4 track digital bonus of remixes by Anthony Child (Surgeon); Dan Bitney (Tortoise, Bumps); Jim Schoenecker and Jon Minor (Dartanjal); and Charles Rumback and Charles Gorczynski (Colorlist). 



“It’s a fantastic album, and one which continues to mesmerise as you dissect these dense compositions and begin to make sense of them.” -ATTN Magazine

“a radiant set of ambient soundscapes embroidered with gestural detail and enriched with textural variety...” - Chicago Reader


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