Blanket of Ash
LP / MP3 (320kbps) / FLAC

When Jatun’s eponymous debut dropped in 2007, dream-pop enthusiasts and headphone purists alike were astounded by its thoughtfully detailed songs and meticulous textures. Subtle, distinct variations embedded in teeming walls of sound egged them on for a louder-than-loud listen. And there was just no denying the nuanced cycles of swarming and disintegrating buzz; conduits for robot melodies. However, there’s always room for more depth and texture. With Blanket of Ash, Jatun offers up another dose of clandestine vocals, heavy layers and unmistakable intensity: A vinyl-only collection of metallic drone and spacejunk beats for the truly frequency-dependent.

Blanket of Ash - limited edition vinyl, .flac and MP3 (320 kbps) now available! All vinyl copies come with a download card to obtain a free digital version. All formats include the bonus track "Space Be Gone".

Side A
01. Blanket of Ash 
02. Electricity
03. Try Me, Mental-A
04. Overhead The Air Waves

Side B
05. The King of Nostalgia
06. Circuit Eater
07. The Thin
08. Space Be Gone 

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“Mammoth swells and wordless vertigo, heavenly fades snap, crackle and pop in Jatun’s stellar noise fest. “ -Maximum Ink

“Huge waves of amplified guitar and electronic melodies to keep your bliss levels peaking in the red.” -OMG Vinyl


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