Black Feather
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Silhouette is a personal yet thematically universal album. Amidst interstitial atmospheres, epic crescendos and sing-song melodies, lies a dark and deep, contemplative lyrical force that transcends each song’s pop-like delivery. Through mythological, scientific, and sociocultural metaphors, the album’s characters reveal thoughts on isolation, betrayal, dissolution, desire and helplessness. Approaching with careful cynicism, Silhouette conveys a familiar, exalting urge to restructure volatile aspects of life and relationships.

01. The Cut
02. Shake Me Awake
03. Razor Blade
04. American Zen
05. If You Can't Feel Yr Heart
06. Étienne de Silhouette
07. Cool Cloud
08. Ardent Cloud
09. The Ballad of Ion Thief

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“a very fine debut album.” - All Music Guide

“Black Feather takes his place firmly in the ‘ones to watch’ column.” -The 405 (UK)



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