Similar Anniversaries
Small Sails
CD / MP3 (320kbps) / FLAC

Chanting, humming vocals hint at tangibility while remaining half-submerged; rhythms are a baby-bouncing jumble of eclectic percussion and twittering electronics; and achingly gorgeous melodies get stripped down to the still-gleaming bone.

01. Somnambulist
02. Aftershocks and Afterthoughts
03. Backside of a Magnet
04. Farewell Weird Owl
05. Corners
06. Lawn Makers
07. Earthbound With Parents
08. This Flimsy Traveling Machine
09. House or Home
10. No Spirit Animal

CD features the video for "Somnambulist" by Ryan Jeffrey

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“Irresistibly inviting and impossible to frown through, Similar Anniversaries is ten audio snapshots of what joy, dreams, and constant compassion sound like.” -Impose

“Similar Anniversaries is a definite grower, revealing what originally sounds like a good but unremarkable album as a nuanced collection of songs that can recall memory and emotions with stunning ease.” -30 Music (CA)


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ground[works]: 2007-2008
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