Sneaky Thieves
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Their debut release, accident(s), was recorded after a car wreck settlement came many years too late to do any real good. So, a small, tidy amount of money was set aside and used to create an album with local producer Jeramy Koepping (founding member of Voyager One, producer for Asahi, Jen Wood, Kinski) in the lovely Park Place Studio. Many hours were spent and the end result was something unsettling, moody, and strange. This record is the essence of those sad, peculiar moments of a life disjointed. The tracks on accident(s) are based on recurring themes that appear very often in dreams and nightmares. Many refer to struggles with substance abuse, addiction, and vague recollections of difficult histories. Ultimately, this album is a musical response to the constant loose ends of life - trying to sonically replicate the "bellyache" in the middle of the night.

01. Elegy
02. With A Smile In A Suit
03. Quiet
04. Nothing, Nothing
05. Old Tired Joke
06. Across The Field
07. Perfect
08. Melding (prologue)
09. The Discarded
10. The Din
11. The Point Is This
12. Forgotten
13. Oh Yes Your Won't
14. Coughing

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“a thoughtful and minimalist epic indie charmer” -Treblezine


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